Waste heat recovery boilers (Cogeneration)

  • Leading technology
  • High reliability
  • Large water and steam volume
  • Customized designs
  • High efficiency
  • Energy saving
  • Telemanagement

Waste heat recovery boilers:

  • Steam Shell Boilers (HRSG)
  • Thermal fluid: coil or extended surface fins
  • Hot water boiler: water tube or smoke tube type
  • Superheated water boiler: water tube or smoke tube type

The design and construction is determined case to case depending on the composition and origin of the flue gas (gas turbine, gas engine, liquid fuel engine, combustion chamber, biomass boiler ...), gas flow and temperature.

Hybrid boilers (waste heat recovery + burner):

In order to increase the steam production, hybrid boilers are manufactured with one-pass cogeneration and 3-pass fire tube for burner combustion gases.

Waste heat recovery boilers with in-duct burners (post-combustion):

The exhaust gases from turbine contain approximately 15% oxygen, which allows a post-combustion. With an in-duct burner the gas temperature may be increased up to 800ºC or 1000ºC, increasing the steam production of the boiler.

Recovery with Thermal Fluid in Biomass boilers for ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle)


Standards for design, construction and maintenance

  • Steam Shell Boilers: EN 12953
  • Thermal Fluid Heaters: UNE 9-310, DIN 4754, VDI 3033
  • Marking Directive 97/23/CE DEP
  • Indirect Surveillance with intervals of 24 hours supervision (or 72 hours optional)
  • High heat transfer surface and water volume
  • Low thermal load
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning