Biomass heater

  • Fuel saving by substitution of fossil fuels
  • Leading technology
  • Low energy consumption
  • High reliability
  • Large heating surface
  • Specific designs for each type of fuel
  • Emissions treatment
  • Telemanagement

Biomass heaters:

  • Thermal fluid
  • Hot water
  • Superheated water

Thermal energy can be obtained from by-products that the industry itself generates which can be used as fuel, with the consequent saving of fuels derived from petroleum.

Types of combustion chambers:

Depending on the available biomass (source, moisture, composition, grain size, ...):

  • Prefabricated, monobloc, vertical or horizontal cylindrical.
  • Underground systems:
    • Fixed inclined grids
    • Mobile grids


  • Standards for design, construction and maintenance UNE 9-310, DIN 4754, VDI 3033
  • Marking Directive 97/23/CE DEP
  • Indirect Surveillance with intervals of 24 hours supervision (or 72 hours optional)
  • High velocity and turbulence of the thermal oil
  • High heat transfer surface
  • Low thermal load
  • Oversized combustion chamber
  • Vertical construction

Fuel: sawdust and shavings, veneer, bark, sanding dust, carpentry debris......

Complete systems:

  • Silos for fuel storage and heater feeding.
  • Multicyclonic separators with high efficiency.
  • Economizers
  • Automatic feeding
  • Automatic cleaning of ashes
  • Rotary valves special for high temperature for discharge of unburned