Service Fuel Burners

  • Own personnel
  • 24 hour Readiness
  • Experience
  • Spare parts
  • Credentials
  • Official Authorization
  • Efficiency

Global Service for boilers, fuel and industrial burners:

Also available for boilers and systems from other manufacturers

Official periodic tests

  • Inspections and obligatory pressure tests of boilers
  • Mandatory annual thermal fluid analysis
  • Gas and Liquid Fuels facilities (Light oil, Heavy Oil, ...)


  • Combustion analysis
  • Service and adjustment of burnerss


  • Maintenance service (predictive, preventive and corrective)
  • Telemanagement
  • Repair and spare parts supply of burners
  • Combustion chambers: adjustment of combustion air, draw, temperature
  • Refractory
  • Steam boilers cleaning of inner parts (water and flue gas area)
  • Continuous filtration system for thermal fluids at hot temperatures
  • Refurbishment and modernization of boilers
  • Tubes substitution (Retubing)
  • Boiler coils
  • Fixed modular ladders with protections
  • Troubleshooting, repair and spare parts
  • Supply and change of Thermal Fluid


  • Studies of technical and economic feasibility
  • Design of turn-key plants
  • Energy audits
  • Thermal and hydraulic balances
  • Customized designs
  • Rationalization and energy saving


  • Complete steam boiler rooms
  • Piping, control valves
  • Alkaline chemical cleaning, passivation and formation of magnetite
  • Vessels
  • Stack
  • Liquid fuel: Light oil, Heavy oil (IP-03)
  • Gas fuel at low, medium and high pressure
  • Change of fuel in existing boilers
  • Natural gas regulation and measuring, regulation groups and burner ramps
  • Industrial gas meters
  • Jacketed lines for asphalt and viscous products
  • Secondary circuits for temperature control
  • Heat exchangers and auxilliary elements
  • Monofluid Systems (heating – cooling)
  • Modifications to existing facilities
  • Increase of indirect surveillance intervals from 2 hours to 24 hours or 72 hours supervision

Electrical control panel:

  • PLC Automation systems
  • Data saving and SCADA monitoring and control

Energy efficiency:

  • Heat recovery
  • Economizers, water preheaters, combustion air
  • Burner modulation with O2 y CO continuous analysis
  • Inverters in feed pump motors and burner ventilator

Audit to facilities:

  • Legalization projects
  • Ultrasonic thickness measurement
  • Boiler efficiency optimization and heat exchange process
  • Infrared thermography (temperature profiles).
  • External fluid flow measurement


  • Biomass storage, loading and heaters feeding
  • Multicyclonic separators with high efficiency.
  • Continuous discharge of ashes and slag
  • Baghouse Dust Collector


User Training